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Boat AccidentBoat Accident
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  • Region: South Korea
  • Casualties: 2
  • Injured: 0
  • Evacuated: 0
  • Missing: 11
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Cargo Vessel Sinks Off the Southern Coast of South Korea

South Korea Moderate // Boat Accident
SEOUL -- Authorities said a Mongolian-flagged cargo vessel with 16 crewmen from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea sank off the coast of Yeosu city early Friday morning. The Coast Guard was quoted by the Yonhap news agency as saying that two of the crew members were killed in the mishap, three others were rescued, while the rest are still missing. The cargo ship was loaded with steel products and it departed from the city of Cheongjin en route to the port of Changdao in Shandong province. It ran aground at about 1:19 a.m. (local time) approximately 63 km off the coast of Yeosu in South Jeolla province. The Coast Guard is searching for the missing crewmen while conducting an investigation to determine why the 4,300-ton ship was carrying DPRK citizens.
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