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Cyclone Mahasen Sets to Strike Coastal Areas in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Moderate // Tropical Cyclone / Hurricane
The Meteorological Department in Bangladesh has asked the three maritime ports in the country to hoist local cautionary signal number 3 after tracking down an upcoming cyclone intensified by a deep depression over the southeast parts of the Bay of Bengal. The ports and adjacent coastal areas in Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar and Mongla will be under the alerted area while the cyclone entitled ‘Mahasen’ is detected to be moving northeastwards to strike the area. According to the radar indication, the cyclone was centered about 1,700 km. south southwest of Chittagong Port, 1,610 km. south southwest of Cox’s Bazar Port and 1,705 km. south southeast of Mongla Port. The cyclone is expected to hit the coastal areas in Bangladesh with powerful wind storming in at 60 to 90 km. per hour, accompanying by strong gusts, the alert adds.
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