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Turkey Minor // Explosion
The second floor of a three storey house in Bodrum Yokusbasi Quarter Scion Çıkmazı'ndaki 13.00 explosion occurred today. Love the 39-year-old Eagle Flag cooking in the kitchen, hall passes, according to the result of compression of the gas leaked from the tube was booming. Explosion burns instantly falling in love Eagle Bayrak garden of the house first aid room trying to neighbors, sitting in the garden of 77-year-old and 55-year-old Nuriye Ayse Kaya Kaya also suffered minor injuries. The injured were taken to the hospital basement after the first intervention called the medics. Love the status of the injured eagle heavy Bayrak said. The explosion in the building of major damage was shocked LANDLORD has intervened in the fire, fire. Sitting on the floor and the building owner heard another incident 47-year-old Alim Kaya, who live upstairs said that the relatives of the 80-year-old Ibrahim Kaya, and the recovery of his daughter and granddaughter wanted. Ibrahim Kaya's daughter and granddaughter clear Ferda went to his relatives in the village potter half an hour before the incident with the scholar discovered rock, took a deep breath. The minibus driver Alim Rock, "had someone can at home, he immediately came the explosion is in our home. Household were in shambles, and burning. Approximately 10 minutes after the phone call I made was in good condition except of Love, I learned the other three people were going to the village. Scary was shocked when faced with the landscape, "he said. Fire, fire brigade operation lasted about 2 hours and then deflating the relatives of those living at home, had a nervous breakdown at the scene. Police launched an investigation into the incident. Muğla's Bodrum district was referred to IZMIR, seriously injured in an explosion in compression of the gas leaked from the tube in the kitchen and in the basement from the 39-year-old Love Eagle Flag State Hospital for treatment, ambulance, Izmir Training and Research Hospital, was referred to the road.
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