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Boat with 92 Passengers Sinks in the Amazon

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BRASILIA -- Official sources said that a boat with 92 passengers on board capsized early Wednesday in a river in the Brazilian Amazon. Two passengers went missing after the incident.

The spokesmen for the Amazon state's Fire Department said that the rest of the passengers were rescued by a nearby vessel.

The ship named A. Nunes reportedly sank at around 1 a.m. on Wednesday in the Solimoes River, which merges with the Negro River to form the Amazon. The site where the boat sank is close to Anori, located approximately 190 km from Manaus, the capital of Amazon State and also the biggest city in the region.

Firefighters said that A. Nunes departed from Manaus and was en route to Tefe city when it started to take on water after colliding with a tree trunk floating in the river. The impact of the collision punched a hole in the hull of the boat casusing it to sink.

The two persons declared missing were apparently crew members who jumped into the water to repair the boat but were washed away by the current.

According to the Brazilian Navy, a patrol ship and a boat were dispatched to the site to search for the missing crew members with the help of a team of divers.

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