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Deadly Dog Virus Spreading in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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PITTSBURGH -- Authorities said a deadly dog virus is spreading in the Pittsburgh area and local animal shelters are educating pet owners. According to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, there is a significant increase in the number of canine parvovirus cases. The virus, transmitted through feces and body fluids, targets the intestinal lining of infected dogs and prevents nutrients from being absorbed. The humane society said a number of its dogs have already succumbed to the virus while others have been placed in isolation. Gretchen Fieser of the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society said they provide supportive care and IV fluids to the dogs to get them healthy enough to fight off the virus. The humane society explained that dogs with up to date vaccines are protected from the virus. The humane society also announced that it is offering vaccines on Sunday at its North Shore shelter located at 1101 Western Avenue.
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