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  • Region: India
  • Name Of Hazard: Dengue Fever
  • Number Of infected: 337
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16 More Dengue Cases Reported in India's Ahmedabad

India Moderate // Epidemic
NEW DELHI -- While the monsoon is over, the threat of dengue fever still looms over the city of Ahmedabad. In fact, 16 more dengue cases have been confirmed by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s (AMC) health department. The high prevalence rate of the female Aedes Aegypti mosquito has seen a rise over the past month and is likely to remain high till mid November. Ahmedabad has recorded about 150 cases of dengue in September, with 95 patients admitted to AMC-managed hospitals and 55 to private ones. From January to September 25, a total of 337 cases of dengue have been recorded in the city. The situation in other cities is not the same, which means the situation in Ahmedabad is critical. The number of dengue cases in Surat is 44, Baroda has 11, Rajkot has 17, Bhavnagar recorded eight while Jamnagar has three. Sources in the health department explained that the population of the Aedes mosquito decreases in cold weather, so the disease is likely to continue for another month, till winter sets in. AMC medical officer Suhar Kulkarni assured the public that there is nothing to be scared of although precautionary measures need to be taken.
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