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Share knowledge -- save lives. 

ubAlert is a global social network that operates to save lives by sharing the knowledge of the world's citizens with those in danger.

We intend to create the world's largest, most reliable, all-hazard disaster alerting network by combining data from global institutions and data providers with crowd-sourced user accounts.  Our global emergency warning platform validates the reliability of the reported content and then immediately alerts those who may be impacted, depending on the severity and location.

Sounds cool…why the effort?

In the wake of the recent mega disasters (Indian Ocean Tsunami, Japan Earthquake/Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, etc...) and numerous man-made fiascos (SARs scare, Terrorist Attacks, etc…), it's become painfully obvious that the existing alert systems aren't enough.  These events claimed more innocent lives than they had to, and we've been wondering why.   You’d think our cities, states, and countries would have figured out a better way to warn us by now.  How many more innocent lives will be taken that could have been saved, had they been warned?  


So we decided to create a global social network to fill the gap.  If even a single life is saved, it's been well worth the effort.

How does this not exist already?

Three reasons:

So, you say: "But I can go to two dozen sites and sign up for email alerts". Yes, sure.  But good luck finding the sites and sorting through hundreds of alerts a day to see which ones pertain, much less forwarding the alerts to those you care about in time.

So, what does ubAlert have in mind?

ubAlert wants to give the POWER TO THE PEOPLE!


What if an ordinary citizen could report what she knows or sees, and have all who are interested be instantly informed?  Suddenly, an initial report of a neighborhood shooting becomes an alert to all the neighbors, even ones she does not know yet. And imagine if there was a site that collected not only citizen's alerts, but also those of other organizations around the world, and filtered and sent each alert according to the user's interests and potential impact. Wow, that will truly save lives!


That's the plan.

Why is this Important to me?

We intend to build a global social network that will save lives by empowering ordinary citizens. Yes, we do our best to get the right data from the right organizations, globally. But we cannot win this battle without YOU!

We hope you'll like the idea of sharing what you know while helping to possibly save lives.  This is how heroes are born from ordinary citizens who help other strangers!  The world will thank you for your participation, and may hail you as the "hero" who averted a potential disaster!

I'm in!  How does it work?

ubAlert lets you report an event, and sends alerts to those subscribed. Alerts can also come from organizations monitoring events.


All you have to do is to tell us what is happening, where, how serious the event is, and how large the impact area could be.  Then, ubAlert checks to see who may be within the impact area you designed and is interested in the alert, and we send them an alert!


You can sign up to receive these notifications too.  

Simple rules:
Lastly, you can:
  • Change the area of alerts (if you're traveling, for instance);
  • Change the severity of alerts you wish to receive (if you're receiving too many, we recommend changing the severity to "severe");
  • Sign up to receive alerts via SMS, mobile phone, email, or push notification (available on iPad/iPhone only at this time).
  • Be a hero.  Contribute lots, and often!


Help us build our network by posting events and sharing your knowledge.  And don't forget -- you can instantly share alerts with friends and family members via email, Facebook, and Twitter to help keep them out of harm's way!

Get Alerts in Your Area:

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