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  • Region: Argentina
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  • Casualties: 38
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Argentina's H1N1 Flu Death Toll Rises to 38

Argentina Moderate // Epidemic
BUENOS AIRES -- A regional health official reported on Tuesday that 38 people have succumbed to the A/H1N1 Influenza virus so far this year, after the confirmation of two additional fatal cases in the province of San Juan. The deaths were confirmed to media by Mauricio Diaz, a representative of the Ministry of Health in San Juan. However, he did not disclose the identities of the latest victims. He simply stated that both belong to the 'high-risk' group which includes patients with chronic diseases, pregnant women, the elderly, and children under the age of two. Based on official statistics, 13 out of the 38 fatalities were from the province of Buenos Aires, nine were from Cordoba, five lived in Santa Fe, three in Rio Negro, two in San Juan, two in the capital Buenos Aires, and one each in Mendoza, Catamarca, La Rioja and La Pampa.
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