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40 Foreigners Held Hostage by Mali Militants in Algeria

Algeria Severe // Terrorist Attack
In a deadly attack on a gas field run by the oil giant British Petroleum (BP) in Algeria, Mali Militants are reported to have abducted at least 40 foreigners killing 2 employees including a French national, authority says. According to local media, the attack following the French ground attack on Mali took place on Wednesday on the gas field located at In Amenas, a city in the Sahara Desert in southern Algeria bordered with Libya. The oil field is jointly operated by BP, Norwegian oil company, Statoil, and Algerian state company, Sonatrach. More details of the attack have yet to be confirmed; however it is known that 5 Japanese engineers, one Irish and a French citizen have been held hostage along with other foreign employees working inside the gas field. As the local media reports, 7 people have sustained injuries in the attack and the Algerian security force have already launched an operation to rescue the hostages and surrounded the camp of the gas field workers.
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